Magnetism is a Toroid

Magnetism is not well understood. Even the makers of magnets don’t understand how it actually works! There is starting to be an understanding of what magnetism really is. Why is it important? Well everything is a magnet. When you have a compass it points north due to earth’s magnetism. When you coil a wire multiple times and put electricity through it, it creates a magnet. A device called a ferrocell has been created to visualize magnetism in 3D. There are instructions on how to make one at home online. The standard visualization method using iron filings does not give magnetism justice.  Checkout this site to see more visuals and to better understand magnetism for yourself. Additionally, magnets are not as simple as having a north pole and south pole. Different regions of the magnet actually cause either acceleration or deceleration. Our earth shows such phenomenon as the northern lights. You can read a free book “Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism” by Ken Wheeler here. Give your thoughts on the implications of this, there are many natural and human inventions (Rodin coil) made which mimic and take advantage of this. 

Ancient Stone Technology

Did you know that stones can ring like bells? There are even stone xylophones, here you can see/hear how ancient stones can be used musically. These are not stones that we have made in recent times though so if you are planning on making one I could not tell you where to begin. Additionally stones can be made to levitate with sound, see here . We think of the Stone Age as a time when civilization was less advanced, simply because the evidence we see today doesn’t look like more than stones. Well my stone can ring, and levitate with sound, what can yours do? Still think slaves were used to build the Egyptian pyramids?

What is making you sick

Let’s be honest now, everyone wants to be in the best shape of their life and feel amazing, but we are not. Our lifespans are diminishing quickly, and the lives that we have are filled with disease. If you do believe you are completely healthy, please read on anyways to help those around you who are not quite as healthy. We love sugar, and this isn’t really a problem in itself, but why do we love sugar so much? Have you ever had a yeast infection, athlete’s foot thrush, UTI, diaper rash, these are all due to one organism, yeast, also called candida albicans (candida for short) which is a strain of fungus. In the body yeast thrives when fed sugar, and this includes carbohydrates (rice, bread, corn). Candida can go long periods of time just sitting around waiting until there is food to feed it, then it continues to grow and multiply. Candida results the creation of toxins which wreak havoc on the body. The mayo clinic found that cancer mimics fungus. Fungus is believed to be a huge cause of cancer, found by Dr. Simoncini (oncologist). Additionally it is found that doctors cannot distinguish between fungus and cancer. Sodium bicarbonate is found to be effective against candida by causing an alkalizing effect, which counteracts the acidic environment which is always found in cancers. Fungus is found everywhere, I suggest everyone watch a video discussing how candida can cause biofilms in the body and on the skin causing us to be more reactive to the various electromagnetic waves in the air. If you get bored of the video quickly just skip ahead to 19:30 to hear about the biofilms or to 22:10 to hear how you can change the occurrence. The author of this video discusses his experiences and treatment that worked for him to get rid of the fungus which form biofilms that act as antenna on the skin and in the body. He states that these biofilms cause many problems such as eczema, rashes, burns, headaches, tummy grumbling, brain fog. The author’s treatment that was found to be very effective is: Epsom salts in a bath 4-5+ cups in a bath as hot as you can handle every day (salt draws out heavy metals), drinking Epsom salt (magnesium is given for barium poisoning) and can be taken internally. Using borax for laundry, nothing more, and drying clothes in a dryer (to kill the microorganisms). Using borax for cleaning and taking it internally, visit here to see how to take borax (or other boron supplement) internally (contains boron to regulate hormones). The video discusses other treatments (SSKI, bentonite clay, oil of oregano) as well which fit well with the research I have done and have personally found to be effective.

Do some research and try some natural treatments to see if you can bring health back into your life, don’t give up too quickly though, after all it took your whole life to get to where you are at so be patient, good things come with patience.

Rapid Petrification

Today I would like to talk about petrification, which is the process by which organic materials are turned into rock.

I had always thought this process happens over a very long time, yet there is evidence to the contrary. A scientific experiment demonstrated that wood placed into a mineral-rich spring was petrified in only 7 years. The spring was full of hot mineral rich acidic (~pH 3) water, giving indication that those are the requirements for rapid petrification. In the lab with controlled conditions this process can happen in a matter of days. On this site a method for quick petrified wood is mentioned, created by Dr. Yongsoon Shin at the department of energy, only taking a matter of 4-12 days, here is a link to the journal article published in Advanced Materials in 2005. The recipe is: wood in an acid bath for two days, then placed in a silica solution for two days, and repeated for up to three times. Then the wood is air dried and placed in an argon furnace gradually heated up to 1400 degrees centigrade for two hours then allowed to cool. This protocol allows the carbon in the wood to be replaced with SiC (silicon carbide). I have yet to test it myself but share your experience if you try it out.

The Universal Rhythm

Everything living is connected, we are all one. And really everything is living, but on a different time scale. Trees live for hundreds of years, while humans are considered to be old at 100 years, if not sooner. My dog though, I would call her old when she was about 10 years old. You might think that we are all different, but we all speak the same language. It is called the universal rhythm. The cracking sound of trees when sped up beats to the universal rhythm, but on a time scale that is much longer. There was a documentary made on this topic, which must have slipped through my grasp, I will attach a link once I am able to find it again. Let me know what you all have found on the topic.

What does it mean to buy organic?

It is the new trend to buy organic, worth over $35 billion dollars annually (, what this means is that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has verified that the food qualifies as organic by their standards. Does this really mean it is healthy? I would certainly like to think so, let’s investigate further.

Organic means that a plant was grown in soil that has had no substances that were prohibited for the past three years before harvesting. For organic meats, that means that the animals live in an ability that mimics their natural habitat, such as being able to graze and were not given antibiotics or hormones. When processed foods state they are “made with organic foods”, that means that 70% of the ingredients are organic.

Unfortunately, the standards of organic don’t cover everything. All farmers use pesticides, period. They need something to control bugs from eating crops. Organic pesticides are more natural but they have not been tested for as long since they are newer. Organic pesticides are known to cause negative side effects. Organic pesticides must originally come from a natural source, which does not guarantee they are safe. Some acceptable organic chemicals used are: bleach, copper sulfate, boric acid, calcium polysulfide, sucrose octanoate esters, sulfurous acid, chlorhexidine, furosemide, oxytocin (induces labor). Rotenone is a pesticide that is allowed in organic farming, this pesticide was found to be equally or more toxic than sumithrin, the active ingredient in Raid used to kill bugs. Checkout the links above for more information. This isn’t to say all farmers use toxic products, but looking into your food sources will certainly give you insight into what is best for you and your family.

What is a spagyric extract?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates.

Another term for herbal alchemy is spagyric. We cook every day, make soup, tea, yet we don’t consider the process to be anything special. When people start to discuss a term like alchemy they don’t realize that they do it every day but not in a wholesome way. We cook with vanilla extract, drink alcohol, and take supplements consisting of dried herbs. What’s missing in each of these? They are not whole and complete. The vanilla extract comes from a vanilla bean, which has minerals and the vanilla bean itself which are no longer included in the extract. The vodka only has the spirit left of the. The dried herbs in the supplements are missing the spirit, which has evaporated. A spagyric extract is a process by which all parts are purified and then added back to each other to form a tincture whose potency is much greater, on the order of 5-25x more potent. A spagyric extract is made as follows. An herb or plant of choice is placed in alcohol of a high percentage >95% and allowed to digest and extract the essence for about 4 weeks. Next the extract is poured off and saved while the solids are calcined (burned at high temperatures) to produce an ash. This ash is dissolved in distilled water, filtered, and then liquid is then recrystallized by allowing the water to evaporate off. The salts are then rejoined with the extract that was saved earlier to produce the very potent spagyric extract from the herb/plant of choice. Try and consider how it is that an extract formed this way is SO much more potent than simply taking the plant itself, or a typical extract of that plant.  

The Myth of Water Shortage and Who Gains from it

A person on average in the United States uses 82 gallons of water per day, this includes drinking, shower, laundry, watering plants, feeding animals, etc. Most people don’t really have an idea how much that actually is. It is about 16 of those 5 gallon bottles per day. For those of you who have to pay for water by the gallon or haul it, you have quite an idea how to save on water and how to be frugal on its use. In third world countries, water is not so available and let me describe to you how this is a huge problem. A woman has a baby in a hospital, and is given free formula, just enough for a week or two so it is easier to feed the baby after taking the newborn home. In third world countries this formula is diluted down  to make it last longer. Furthermore, potable water is not always readily available, so bottled water has to be purchased which adds another expense for when the free formula is used up. Not to mention this water has added fluoride for a baby’s nutrition, or so it is claimed and marketed as such on the water marketed for babies. It is a gift from the water/food company which just keeps giving, profits to them that is, feel free to read further on the problems this can cause. Lack of potable water is a huge problem which water companies are making lots of money on, but these bottled water companies are not needed. What is needed is deep wells in these locations, and well everywhere for good clean water.

               We are taught over and over again that we have shortages, a shortage of food, water, oil, and natural resources. How foolish are we, mother earth has been replenishing our necessary resources over and over again. This is not to say we aren’t using all of the petroleum up that is in the ground, it’s just to say that there is enough food in the world, there is enough water (clean water), and plenty of materials for everyone to have a shelter to live in. 70% of the world is covered with water yet we can’t get enough clean water for all? We can, the truth of the matter is that there is water under nearly every part of the earth if it is dug deep enough. You are probably thinking of salt water from the ocean, but no I actually mean freshwater underneath land. This water is pure and clean, highly purified naturally by mother earth. Ever wonder how natural springs keep replenishing water over and over again. Native Americans knew this and placed their homes, or resting spots near these natural springs which are the start of rivers or streams which feed their whole tribe. These rivers or streams flow year-round without any break in the water flow. Native Americans find these water sources very sacred and healing. You are quite lucky if you ever get to visit any of these springs. Lots of people have wells, but they are not very deep. Are some wells connected to this primary water? Possibly, but most of these shallow wells only tap into a water reservoir which is gradually replenished through surface water (rain, snow). Read more about primary water and the myth of water shortage. Here is a link to a short video, and a longer video with more detail. Stay smart everyone, hope you learned something new.

Time- what is it worth to you?

Today I wanted to comment on time and how everyone perceives it. Most people spend about 40 hours a week at work, anywhere from 10min- 1hr in travel to get there, and additional time getting ready for work. We spend our time working for a wage, whether it’s hourly or salary it’s about the same, except salaried workers generally have to work more than 40 hours a week without getting paid more. We are selling ourselves, our time, and whatever we generate in that time. We get to keep absolutely none of it for ourselves, except money. So let me ask you, what is it that you really want in life, what would make you so happy? Besides the necessities (food shelter clothes) what would make you really happy, most would not say a fancy expensive car, a huge mansion, owning a hotel. Those are things that we think we need, but when we get them it doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Why does everyone seek those things? The media tells us that we should want them, and they are oh so great at making us want them. The amount of money spend on advertising is vast to find the most efficient way at making us want to buy stuff. How many things do we buy that are not needed or even wanted after purchasing them, LOTS! You need what you want, and want what you can’t have. Try wanting what you already have, you are whole and complete.

Why does it matter? And it does. We enslave ourselves to obtain things that we don’t need, but that we think we need. You’re probably thinking that work time isn’t your only time, but how much energy does it take out? After a long day everyone has some way of unwinding, a way to relax. Whether that be going to the gym, watching TV, getting a beer with friends, dancing, or reading. The media greatly controls us even in our free time. We want to think that we are free, but are we really? We get to choose from a list of items which are socially acceptable, and legal. But what of my rights? Well you see, just because you have rights as human being it does not mean that doing something that is your right is legal. We are quite simply controlled and punished if we do not comply. I hope that this has brought some thought into the society we live in.

Is Ormus the philosopher’s stone?

In alchemy the ultimate goal is to create the philosopher’s stone for this gives everlasting life, health, and wealth since the stone allows for the transmutation of any metal into gold. The philosopher’s stone is the ultimate medicine which gives a person the perfect health, in theory that would allow a person to live forever, but each person has a natural age which if healthy they would live to be. In the days of the bible this age would be around 500 years which is unheard of today. In our daily lives we rush to get from point A to point B and think of food as a necessity but not as a medicine as it was once thought of. We no longer get the nutrients we need for our body to keep up with the high demand and stress we put on it. Even if we do eat well and take our vitamins there is still the water we drink that is contaminated with chlorine and fluoride, and negative energies which remain in the most purified water. Special processes much be used to cleanse water from negative energy (magnetism, conscious positive thought, nature does this beautifully).

You must be wondering why I’m mentioning all of this, and that is because a new source of alchemy has come on the market called Ormus (ORMES, monoatomic gold, etherium gold, m-state elements). This substance was recently rediscovered by David Hudson in the 1980s. Ormus is claimed to make a person feel wonderful, energetic, change hair from grey back to its natural color, greatly increase plant growth, reduce brain fog, and numerous other claims of which many were validated. Additionally Ormus being tested in the lab had special effects when being heated (reducing the weight of the container it’s in thereby reading a negative weight). The method David Hudson used to create Ormus uses an alkali salt (Arizona dirt) and addition of sulfuric acid with additional washes. Additionally he’s created other methods of creating Ormus from metallic gold. The typical method used to create Ormus called “the wet method” uses reconstituted saltwater then is pHed up to 10.78 which causes a white precipitate to form. Following this the precipitate is allowed to settle then washed multiple times to create what is commonly sold in the marketplaces. Ironically, a big figurehead for Ormus, Barry Carter, passed away recently in April 2018. I don’t understand how he would have died if he had the true philosopher’s stone. He died at 68 years of age which by no means is considered old even today, but especially not in biblical times! I am very much a supporter of Ormus in order to get trace minerals which our depleted soil does not provide our food with, but I still reflect on how it could possibly be the philosopher’s stone.

Alchemy is considered to be a method of mimicking nature in order to provide elixirs or essences of something which are much more powerful that the original material. This is done by separating the material into its three parts (mercury, salt, sulfur) and each purified and then all three parts recombined, or sometimes just two parts recombined. Nature does this through repeated distillations, filtering, and burning. I leave you to your thoughts about the conclusion of this matter. There will be more blogs to come. Thanks for reading.