Is Ormus the philosopher’s stone?

In alchemy the ultimate goal is to create the philosopher’s stone for this gives everlasting life, health, and wealth since the stone allows for the transmutation of any metal into gold. The philosopher’s stone is the ultimate medicine which gives a person the perfect health, in theory that would allow a person to live forever, but each person has a natural age which if healthy they would live to be. In the days of the bible this age would be around 500 years which is unheard of today. In our daily lives we rush to get from point A to point B and think of food as a necessity but not as a medicine as it was once thought of. We no longer get the nutrients we need for our body to keep up with the high demand and stress we put on it. Even if we do eat well and take our vitamins there is still the water we drink that is contaminated with chlorine and fluoride, and negative energies which remain in the most purified water. Special processes much be used to cleanse water from negative energy (magnetism, conscious positive thought, nature does this beautifully).

You must be wondering why I’m mentioning all of this, and that is because a new source of alchemy has come on the market called Ormus (ORMES, monoatomic gold, etherium gold, m-state elements). This substance was recently rediscovered by David Hudson in the 1980s. Ormus is claimed to make a person feel wonderful, energetic, change hair from grey back to its natural color, greatly increase plant growth, reduce brain fog, and numerous other claims of which many were validated. Additionally Ormus being tested in the lab had special effects when being heated (reducing the weight of the container it’s in thereby reading a negative weight). The method David Hudson used to create Ormus uses an alkali salt (Arizona dirt) and addition of sulfuric acid with additional washes. Additionally he’s created other methods of creating Ormus from metallic gold. The typical method used to create Ormus called “the wet method” uses reconstituted saltwater then is pHed up to 10.78 which causes a white precipitate to form. Following this the precipitate is allowed to settle then washed multiple times to create what is commonly sold in the marketplaces. Ironically, a big figurehead for Ormus, Barry Carter, passed away recently in April 2018. I don’t understand how he would have died if he had the true philosopher’s stone. He died at 68 years of age which by no means is considered old even today, but especially not in biblical times! I am very much a supporter of Ormus in order to get trace minerals which our depleted soil does not provide our food with, but I still reflect on how it could possibly be the philosopher’s stone.

Alchemy is considered to be a method of mimicking nature in order to provide elixirs or essences of something which are much more powerful that the original material. This is done by separating the material into its three parts (mercury, salt, sulfur) and each purified and then all three parts recombined, or sometimes just two parts recombined. Nature does this through repeated distillations, filtering, and burning. I leave you to your thoughts about the conclusion of this matter. There will be more blogs to come. Thanks for reading.

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  1. admin says:

    Tesla sure knew the answer to that one. So does nature, fatty acids follow this as well, there are lots of supplements that have 3,6,9 for omega fatty acids.

    Btw- “5$ to smell the flowers”. Best of luck finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure

  2. You guys are mixing two axioms together. The philosophers stone is referring to ormus .. it’s made from salt .. when water evaporates and rains in the mountains.. it gathers into rivers when a river gets deep enough and wife enough it becomes a rock crusher .. we know this because almost all river rock ks are smoth ..where did the edges go ?? Precisely.. the gold platnum copper zinc ..all those elements that are in ormus ..came from the stones in the rivers .. and it’s locked away till the water evaporates and leaves salt .. we crack the salt and extract the ormes .. Walla ormus ormus makes you think better ..makes you smarter .. and it came from a stone.. philosophers stone .. now we in hermetic magicians use it to transform the lead.. which is a reference to a intellectual animal human ..into gold … Which is the human transformed into the good man that we are all able to become .. the secret is in the name .. human is Arabic for god .. man .. depending on which translation u refer to means man or hand I like both as I am directed through my higher self from the most high .. .. ormus transformed me from a thinking animal..lead to a connected instrument of god as a god man .. gold .. to understand hermetic language you have to ask a hermetic magician .. . If you would like more truth follow me on YouTube Cosmic Quantum Awakening ..

    One light One love

  3. With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my authorization. Do you know any techniques to help stop content from being ripped off? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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      Haven’t currently found a solution, unless it’s a picture of writing with a copywrite symbol it’s easy to copy and paste which is unfortunate.

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