The Myth of Water Shortage and Who Gains from it

A person on average in the United States uses 82 gallons of water per day, this includes drinking, shower, laundry, watering plants, feeding animals, etc. Most people don’t really have an idea how much that actually is. It is about 16 of those 5 gallon bottles per day. For those of you who have to pay for water by the gallon or haul it, you have quite an idea how to save on water and how to be frugal on its use. In third world countries, water is not so available and let me describe to you how this is a huge problem. A woman has a baby in a hospital, and is given free formula, just enough for a week or two so it is easier to feed the baby after taking the newborn home. In third world countries this formula is diluted down  to make it last longer. Furthermore, potable water is not always readily available, so bottled water has to be purchased which adds another expense for when the free formula is used up. Not to mention this water has added fluoride for a baby’s nutrition, or so it is claimed and marketed as such on the water marketed for babies. It is a gift from the water/food company which just keeps giving, profits to them that is, feel free to read further on the problems this can cause. Lack of potable water is a huge problem which water companies are making lots of money on, but these bottled water companies are not needed. What is needed is deep wells in these locations, and well everywhere for good clean water.

               We are taught over and over again that we have shortages, a shortage of food, water, oil, and natural resources. How foolish are we, mother earth has been replenishing our necessary resources over and over again. This is not to say we aren’t using all of the petroleum up that is in the ground, it’s just to say that there is enough food in the world, there is enough water (clean water), and plenty of materials for everyone to have a shelter to live in. 70% of the world is covered with water yet we can’t get enough clean water for all? We can, the truth of the matter is that there is water under nearly every part of the earth if it is dug deep enough. You are probably thinking of salt water from the ocean, but no I actually mean freshwater underneath land. This water is pure and clean, highly purified naturally by mother earth. Ever wonder how natural springs keep replenishing water over and over again. Native Americans knew this and placed their homes, or resting spots near these natural springs which are the start of rivers or streams which feed their whole tribe. These rivers or streams flow year-round without any break in the water flow. Native Americans find these water sources very sacred and healing. You are quite lucky if you ever get to visit any of these springs. Lots of people have wells, but they are not very deep. Are some wells connected to this primary water? Possibly, but most of these shallow wells only tap into a water reservoir which is gradually replenished through surface water (rain, snow). Read more about primary water and the myth of water shortage. Here is a link to a short video, and a longer video with more detail. Stay smart everyone, hope you learned something new.

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