Time- what is it worth to you?

Today I wanted to comment on time and how everyone perceives it. Most people spend about 40 hours a week at work, anywhere from 10min- 1hr in travel to get there, and additional time getting ready for work. We spend our time working for a wage, whether it’s hourly or salary it’s about the same, except salaried workers generally have to work more than 40 hours a week without getting paid more. We are selling ourselves, our time, and whatever we generate in that time. We get to keep absolutely none of it for ourselves, except money. So let me ask you, what is it that you really want in life, what would make you so happy? Besides the necessities (food shelter clothes) what would make you really happy, most would not say a fancy expensive car, a huge mansion, owning a hotel. Those are things that we think we need, but when we get them it doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Why does everyone seek those things? The media tells us that we should want them, and they are oh so great at making us want them. The amount of money spend on advertising is vast to find the most efficient way at making us want to buy stuff. How many things do we buy that are not needed or even wanted after purchasing them, LOTS! You need what you want, and want what you can’t have. Try wanting what you already have, you are whole and complete.

Why does it matter? And it does. We enslave ourselves to obtain things that we don’t need, but that we think we need. You’re probably thinking that work time isn’t your only time, but how much energy does it take out? After a long day everyone has some way of unwinding, a way to relax. Whether that be going to the gym, watching TV, getting a beer with friends, dancing, or reading. The media greatly controls us even in our free time. We want to think that we are free, but are we really? We get to choose from a list of items which are socially acceptable, and legal. But what of my rights? Well you see, just because you have rights as human being it does not mean that doing something that is your right is legal. We are quite simply controlled and punished if we do not comply. I hope that this has brought some thought into the society we live in.

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